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Very Exciting Massage in Dubai and Very Fun at the Same Time Erotic Massage

Do you know Very Exciting Massage in Dubai and Very Fun at the Same Time Erotic Massage? The much-admired Nuru massage in Dubai arrives at our center, the king of erotic massages of the previous times in the West.

Many of you were the ones who asked us to include this field in our massage menu, but as you know, it is a massage that takes a special preparation and in which a very superior, very greasy gel is used, which allows the masseuse to glide smoothly on the body of the receiver. And, until now it has not been possible to do it in optimal conditions, both for clients and therapists.

The word Nuru comes from Dubai and means "slippery", which is basically the function of this gel composed of Nari seaweed, that the body of the masseuse slips, slides on the body of the client, thus making it one of the Dubai massage more complete and erotic, since the masseur will be completely naked, she and the receiver covered by the gel, thus allowing you to travel every inch of the body developing very pleasurable sensations for both.

It is a very exciting Massage in Dubai and very fun at the same time, both giving and receiving.
We recommend that you try this massage specialty if you have already tried our Body to body massage in Dubai. You will be happy and eager to return.
Make an appointment for this massage with a minimum of 20 minutes, so we can prepare both the tatami and the gel.

The Body to body massage in Dubai is a sensitive experience that explores the path of well-being and intense pleasure through traditional Tantric maneuvers, done with respect, sweetness, delicacy and sensitivity.

The whole body is meticulously massaged, from head to toe, through the back, hips, buttocks, legs, belly, chest ... and specifically includes the genital area. For tantric the body as a whole is highly erogenous.

The main feature of the Body to body massage in Dubai is to increase the capacity of pleasure, both corporal and psychic, favoring the consciousness of the body so often denied and numbed. Allowing the release of energies, as well as the balancing of them.

It is a complete body massage executed with sweetness and delicacy in an environment that favors the sensuality and the expression of the excitement to which it is induced elegantly, by means of Antarctic stimulation.


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